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Is all of the labor that Youtube Stars sacrifice worth the profit they make?

Some may say that trying to be a Youtube star is not worth all the hard work and time that is put into it. But for some people, it can really pay off in a big way. In most cases, Youtube stardom takes talent, hard work, and drive. Unless your video is an overnight success like Rebecca Black, Youtube stardom is not an easy task. Youtube stars are usually 1 of 2 things or sometimes both, talented or hardworking. Their channels thrive off of their pure talent or their dedication to their videos and subscribers and that is what makes their channels so popular.

No matter what kind of videos you are putting out into the world, success generally comes from investing time and sometimes money into them. Usually the amount of time invested into making a video has an impact on how popular it is. Some people can operate their Youtube channel on just pure talent and humor but in terms of building a largely successful channel, it takes time, money, and dedication. Having a successful Youtube channel generally pays off in the long run if you have ads on your page and are making a profit from each video. Smaller Youtube stars can only hope to one day make the profits of stars like Shane Dawson and Lucas Cruikshank who make between 100,000 to 300,000 dollars each year off their videos. Their use of investing time into their channel and talent seemed to pay off quite largely and they make great inspirations for smaller stars. They are a great profit motive to one day make it big in the Youtube world. Anyone trying to acquire Youtube fame has to devote much of their life to producing videos, advertising their channel, and making sure their number of subscribers keeps going up. Along with creating videos, most Youtube stars have Facebooks, Twitters, and blogs that they regularly keep up with so yes, being a Youtube star is a lot of work, but if you make it big, it will pay off in the end.

How easy is it for Youtube stars to branch their careers out into more than just Youtube?




How Much Money Do YouTube Stars Make Compared to Regular Stars?

We all know that one the most successful YouTube stars to ever become famous would have to be Justin Bieber, 17. He broke the record of most views on YouTube with a collective 2 billion+ as of October 2011, beating out regular stars such as Beyonce, Eminem, and Lady Gaga. As I wrote earlier, as of 2011, Justin Bieber’s net worth is $112 million. When compared to huge stars such as Lady Gaga, 25, who’s net worth is $150 million as of 2011, you can say he earned quite a profit for only being 17 years old. There had been a lot of competition between the two, who were both in the lead for the #1 most view video on YouTube. As of January, 2012, Bieber’s video Baby comes in at #1 with 684,597,595 views and Gaga’s video Bad Romance comes in at #3 with 438,181,560 views.

Compare Justin Bieber to another star his own age, like Miley Cyrus, 19, also known as Hannah Montana. Miley had a hit TV show on Disney Channel, has appeared in many other Disney shows, has starred in several successful movies, and has had many hit singles and albums. Justin, has his own perfume line, a hit movie about his life & tour, and many hit singles and albums as well. Justin, being worth $112 million in 2011, was narrowly beat by Miley, who was worth $120 million in 2011.

All things considered, Justin Bieber has done quite well in Hollywood, raking in one of the top salaries of teen stars. With all the fame and success Justin Bieber has received, you could say that he is becoming a “regular” star, but of course he will always have YouTube to thank.

Have upcoming artists made stardom gained through YouTube exposure more efficient for record label companies? (Faun Terry P.7)

We’ve seen the artists in the early days of their careers – posting YouTube videos,  getting signed to major record companies, and the work that follows suit. Has YouTube effected the process of record companies scouting for the next big talent? Absolutely.

In the early 1960s, Motown was the largest record company selling soul and R&B albums. Know for producing and selling records from the greats we still marvel today. To list a few, Etta James, The Temptations, and Smokey Robinson. The tasks they had complete to have the opportunity to get singed to Motown, was nothing like a trip to the candy store, it was a long, drawn out process. Knowing the right people, promoting yourself, and being in the right place at the right time was key, which is similar to today’s process – without using YouTube. In the Motown era, managers of artists would book the artist at various clubs, or hotspots. In return, they would get a cut of the artists money. They would get information from other managers about clubs that would benefit from your talent, bringing more people into that particular club. Questions that can be asked are, how did the record labels find talent? What is, and was, the process without usingYoutube?

Today the process without using YouTube is as follows. Aspiring artists create mixtapes – tracks of the artist singing – and mail it in to the label wanted. Performing in their communities and teaming up with other aspiring artists claim to be helpful. Getting your name, image, and voice heard to the public is the key factor in getting signed, or discovered.

Before the use of YouTube in the Motown era,  record label companies, such as Motown,  relied on the artist promoting for her/himself. That was the only way the record label would hear about the artist. With that, comes a lot of time spent just to get the public to know your name, let alone a renouned record company.

The process today for getting discovered can be less time consuming compared to the “Motown Era”, where hotspots were your main platform in getting known and discovered. It has become more efficient, and easier for record companies to hear about an upcoming artist. As Sophie and David mentioned, getting over 100,000 views, youtube will contact you and discuss contracts with promoting you as an artist and paying you money. With that, gives record companies a wider variety of talent to choose from. And, a more likely chance for an artist like myself, to be discovered.

Has YouTube stardom created a decline in CD sales?

Norman Terry – artist in the 1960s,8599,1870975,00.html

Are Youtube stars only driven by profit motive?

Are Youtube stars only driven by profit motive or do they do what they do simply because they enjoy it and love entertaining an audience? When most teenagers ask for advice regarding what they should do in the future, they often get the same exact response: “Do what you love to do; not what would merely generate the most income.” There are hundreds and thousands of people in this world who dislike their jobs but only go through all the labor in order to make a living. Is that the same case for Youtube stars? Do they make videos for millions of people simply to acquire profit or because they love doing what they do?

According to Wikipedia, many of the current Youtube stars had no intention of making money when they began uploading videos on Youtube. In fact, they uploaded videos only to share with others their talents and accomplishments. Furthermore, even after they acquire fame through uploading videos, they are not interested in making money off of their videos; they are only interested in continuing their enjoyment in what they do and entertaining and pleasing their fans. A great example is Justin Bieber who is now one of the most popular singers in the world. In an interview with VIBE Magazines, he testifies that he won second place in a singing competition called the Stratford Idol. Bieber was so excited about his accomplishment that he began uploading videos on Youtube of himself singing. He had no intentions of making money whatsoever and his only incentive was to show off his talent to other Youtubers. As time passed and Bieber was starting to become extremely famous, his intentions and motives remained constant. According to, Bieber stated that although receiving a record deal would be nice, he did not mind, as long as he could still sing which he loves to do.

However, Justin Bieber is not the only Youtube Star who isn’t driven by profit motive. A famous comedian on Youtube by the name of Ryan Higa shares the same motives as Bieber. According to, Higa began making comedic videos of himself lip synching and ranting and uploading them on Youtube. In an interview on Youtube, he testified that he loves making people laugh. Thus, his only incentive to make videos on Youtube was simply to make others laugh, not to attempt to make money. According to, Ryan Higa even refused to get paid to do stand up comedies. Although he is officially an actor now and thus receives a high income, he claimed in a recent interview that he loves his job because he gets to do what he loves, which is making others laugh. Therefore, Higa is certainly not only driven by profit motive.

Moreover, Justin Bieber and Ryan Higa aren’t the only Youtube stars who are not driven by profit motive. My research has proven that almost all of the Youtube Stars are only driven by the enjoyment of entertaining others and doing what they love to do.


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How is the advertising market different for each Youtuber?

In the modern day world of Youtube and all the partnerships that it holds with various Youtubers that post videos that each deal with their own varying subjects, one this has remained that same and that is that advertising is a crucial part as to making a profit of the video. As a matter of fact, as I explained earlier, a big part of becoming a partner on Youtube is all about having the opportunity to had advertisements on your videos and in change make a profit through it.  Though what is advertised and how is what changes from each Tuber.


Every Youtuber has varying topics that their videos can deal with, depending on each individual Tubers personal preference. Be it news, music, comedy, video gaming, gadgets, sports, ect, each type of video attracts each own crowd and when their is a particular Tuber that consistently posts videos (making them a partner) then they develop a particular fan base.  Every particular Youtube channel attracts a particular crowd. Each particular crowd comes to a video with some sense of interest for whatever they are about to watch. For example lets say that an individual goes onto ExpertVillage’s Youtube Channel. They are a channel specializing in tips for athletes on how to perform better in games/practice/ect. Clearly, if an individual comes to this channel, they have an interest in sports. At this point, ads related to such stores as SportChalet, Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, can begin to pop up on the sides since the individual that came to this channel clearly has some interest in sports.  Say that same person picked EV’s video “How to juke as a Runningback”,  the ads next to or on the video would pertain to the sports of football and usual be one of the popular retailers that could be advertising something pertaining to the video (i.e. football cleats, gloves, footballs, ect) all in order to appeal to the views and try to advertise to the crowd something that they would actually be interested in buying.


The very same goes for the rest of the videos on Youtube, be it any type of video there is usually a genre based ad to go along with it in hopes of attracting the viewer into making a purchase. By doing so, Youtube is able to use their videos and partnerships in a successful way to make profits. This way, views actually see advertisements for things they might actually be interested in buying, not just ignoring ads due to them annoying the view.  McDonald ads popping up during a music video may not be as appealing to a viewer as ads for local concerts happening that might actually interest the view. By doing so, Youtube is able to effectively advertise to the right crowds and pull more profits.




Possible question: Do the actual Youtubers have any control over what is advertised on their videos and are they able to control it?

Is it beneficial for youtube stars to create a portfolio of their work? (Faun Terry P.7)

The foundation of a successful musician is recognition. Although their talents allow them to shine alone, there has to be a means through which  the broader public sees them. This can be made possible through a popular public place to trade information. Youtube is a great way to be recognized because it is universal. It is utilized for entertainment and information. I believe that the difference between upcoming and established musicians is that they had to start somewhere. Youtube is a great place to start because it’s a place for the public.  When you’re an artist, it is imperative to get your work out in a more interactive way, as opposed to a standard portfolio. A good example of this is BooneOakley.

BooneOakely is an award winning, globally recognized advertising agency. They have advertised for popular companies such as MTV, HBO, State Farm , Ruby Tuesdays, Google, and more. They have created an interactive portofilio where they have embedded clicking buttons in their youtube video that redirects the clicker to another youtube video. They have revoltionized the meaning of an online youtube portfolio.  Their information is more readily available – its faster. This is very much in tune with how we live today!

Another form of a youtube portfilio is a user accounts youtube channel. Each youtube channel displays the videos the user has uploaded in a easy to navagate manner.  Youtube channels offer a biography section for the given account user. In the biograpgy section, you may find more detailed information about the account user, such as, where they went to college, what record label companies they are assigned to, what companies they are in correlation with, and what they wish to accomplish with using youtube.

In all,  it is extremelybeneficial for youtube customers to create portfolios. It displays their work and shows their assets.

How can their existing network assist them with getting assigned to record labels and their likability by the public viewers?




Is Youtube Stardom unfair to regular celebrities?

Before Youtube existed, most stars acquired  fame over a long period of time and lots of hard work. It takes all sorts of factors to become truly famous. Things like talent, ambition, availability and hard work all play into a person going from unknown to very well known. Whether its a singer or an actor, stars are not commonly just discovered on the street, they have to work hard to get themselves out there and make their way to the top.

For instance, pop superstar, Miley Cyrus has said herself that overnight Youtube stardom is unfair and “it should be harder to be an artist”. Miley herself had to fly back and forth from Tennessee to LA for years until she finally got the role of Hannah Montana on her hit Disney show. It makes sense that she would be slightly annoyed to see artists like Rebecca Black blow up over night when her own career took years. Its true that submitting a video to Youtube can easily make you famous but there is the alternative that you can forever be seen in a negative light for one mistake or be seen as only having 15 minutes of fame. So there is incentive to work hard and try to become famous the old fashioned way because stars who have been around for a long time and have a long history of hard work are easily more respected in the long run.

As Miley says, “You shouldn’t be able to put a song on Youtube and go on tour”. This is true, but at the same time, Youtube can be a great platform for a rising star. It can be a great way to be discovered for young talent and only start their career of hard work. Just because Rebecca Black blew up overnight and Justin Bieber happened to be a hidden gem admired by girls worldwide doesn’t mean that there aren’t extremely hard working people out there who are only using their Youtube channels to get themselves out in the world and make a name for themselves. Lucky for rising Youtube stars, there will most likely always be a demand for new videos and new entertainment and the world will always need someone to supply it to them.

How do the salaries of a regular star compare to those of a Youtube star?